Office Admin

Job Details:

  • Oversee and coordinate office administrative procedures and review, evaluate and implement new procedures.

  • Assign jobs and duties to office staff as needed.

  • Assist office staff in maintaining files and databases.

  • Assist in managing staff schedules.

  • Schedule appointments and meetings for upper level staff.

  • Establish work priorities, and ensure deadlines are being met.

  • Track office supply inventory and approve supply orders.

  • Assist in preparation of operating budget and maintain inventory and budgetary controls.

  • Coordinate and plan for office services that are required by the employer.

  • Maintain a high level of confidentiality.

  • Assemble data and prepare periodic and special reports, manuals, and correspondence.


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree holder.

  • Candidate with two to four years experience in the similar role.

  • Good in English both written and verbal.

  • Computer literate.

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